The Hygge
The Hygge
The Hygge

The Hygge

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Light the gorgeous concrete and rose gold candle holder with tea light, brew the delicious white tea with a hint of strawberry and snap off a chunk of creamy, biscuity chocolate for the ultimate hygge experience.

What's in the Hygge Edition?

Naturecraft Moulds - Equilateral Concrete Candle Holder
Light up your living space in stunning style with this beautiful copper-dipped equilateral candle holder, complete with a 100% organic soy wax tea light. Each candle holder is hand cast and hand painted. Natural air holes in the concrete add to the charm and make each holder unique.
Includes tea light. Approximate measurements – 11cm x 11cm x 2cm

Higher Living - White Tea and Strawberry
This light and delicate white tea is combined with strawberry to give it a fruity burst. Each bag is packed full of crisp, tasty and 100% organic white tea.

Creighton's Chocolatier - Custard Cream Chocolate Bar
Inspired by treats from the picnic hamper, this delicious chocolate bar has been designed to taste like a custard cream biscuit. Custard flavour white chocolate with tons of hidden crunchy bits, all wrapped in a special edition sleeve.

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