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Sweet Cecily's

It was an absolute pleasure to meet sisters Cecily and Dorrie of Sweet Cecily’s at our launch event a couple of weeks ago. They came all the way down to Leeds from their workshop in Whitby, North Yorkshire, where they produce an array of natural skincare, including the cupcake and cocktail-themed lip balms you can find in Thanks I Love It gift boxes. We got the chance to catch up with them and find out a bit more! Originally stemming from their family’s herbal medicine business, Sweet Cecily’s fabulous skincare products are free from parabens (potentially harmful preservatives), petrochemicals (those made from crude oil and natural gas), and SLS (that’s Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which is a known skin irritant and not...

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Thanks I Love It Launches!

We were really excited to celebrate our launch on 6th October at a fun-filled event with a host of bloggers, suppliers and customers at the wonderful Lazy Lounge in Leeds. Guests had the opportunity to see our first gift boxes: The Treat, The Glam and The Lush, and try out some of the products, as well as treating themselves to a glass of fizz, a bag (or three) of pick and mix and cupcakes aplenty on our Treat station! On our Lush station, we gave our guests the chance to design their ideal gift and win a Lush box, and there were some fantastically creative ideas, including a hump day box, a camping box, lots of crafty ideas and even...

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Doisy & Dam

We <3 Doisy & Dam. Not only for their fabulously rich chocolate bars and funky packaging (which is a delight to behold), but also because they have a truly fab back story. And their business is named after two Nobel Prize winners. Cool, huh? Richard and Ed met when they were five years old, but it was only after following successful careers in the city that they decided what they really wanted to do was to run their own business. With some savings, some experimenting and a lot of trial and error, Doisy & Dam was created; indulgent, nutritious chocolate with no synthetic ingredients. We love that they literally got on their bikes and cycled around London, working with feedback...

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