Naturecraft Moulds

Naturecraft Moulds

We’ve been in love with Naturecraft Moulds’ stunning concrete creations since we first spotted them, and are absolutely delighted to bring you the exclusive copper dipped candle holder in our newest addition to the Thanks I Love It gift family – The Minimalist!

As usual, we nosy nellies wanted to find out more, so we spoke to Andrea, the creative mind behind Naturecraft Moulds, about some of the things that inspire her.

Equilateral concrete tea light holders
Thanks I Love It: What inspired you to set up Naturecraft Moulds?
Andrea: My inspiration for Naturecraft Moulds came about from my love of leaf casting, making perfect replicas of real leaves in concrete. This evolved into making latex moulds of actual leaves so people could make as many castings as they wanted using the reusable mould. Although my shop now carries a wide range of products, I still enjoying making my own moulds and adding nature inspired items to the list.

T: What's your favourite design and why?
A: My favourite design is the fir cone tealight holder. I love how delicate the concrete looks and how it picks up all the detail of the fir cone; it looks really pretty with the tealight lit.

Concrete fir cone candle holder

T: Where do you see Naturecraft Moulds in five years’ time?
A: In five years, I hope to have continued to build on my great customer base. I really appreciate it when I get repeat customers and do my best to give not only a great product but great customer service.

T: What's the best gift you've ever received?
A: The best gift I ever received was a beautiful gift hamper - it was a Christmas present from my mum and she had filled it with all my favourite toiletries, chocolates and perfume. It was extra special because she had taken the time to put it together.

T: How do you like to say thanks?
A: I like to say thanks with a little token of appreciation, something that lasts such as a plant or something that is pretty but also practical.


We’re definitely fans of pretty but practical here at Thanks I Love It! You can get your hands on an EXCLUSIVE rose gold dipped equilateral tea light holder in our Minimalist box here!

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