When we first spotted Mellybee’s beautiful screenprints a few months ago, we knew we just HAD to find room for them in a Thanks I Love It gift box, and when her stunning new collection was released, we snapped up the designs immediately for our newest gift box – The Minimalist.

The limited colour palette of black, white and gold draws attention to the texture of each hand painted or hand drawn pattern, and the nature of screen printing means that each piece is one of a kind. We adore them, and we know you will too!

Monochrome Storage Pot by Mellybee
The lovely Melanie, who owns and runs Mellybee, very kindly answered some of our questions so we could find out more about the person behind the prints.

Thanks I Love It: What inspired you to set up Mellybee?
Melanie: I originally set up Mellybee on the side to house my experiments in illustration and product making, and designed and sold these items at craft fairs. I've now shifted the focus to screen printed accessories, bags and homewares and whilst I still sell at craft fairs, my attention has been to market my new collection at larger events and sell both online and wholesale to independent retailers.

T: What’s your favourite product / design and why?
M: I currently love printing in gold ink on black fabric and particularly enjoy the process of printing, cutting and making the zipped shoulder bag as it has so many processes. Once the leather straps have been added it really finishes the product off and I can't wait for it to find its new owner. I love the fact, as with all of my products, that they have been seen through from beginning to end and what started as an idea can now be seen physically in front of you.

Zipped Shoulder Bag by Mellybee

T: What would your dream be for Mellybee?
M: I would love for Mellybee to be seen as a recognised independent brand known for quality hand-crafted printed products. It would be amazing to work and collaborate with other well-known makers on projects as well as work with larger retailers such as Anthropologie, Heal's, West Elm and Liberty, to name a few!

T: What's the best gift you've ever received?
M: It would have to be the time my husband bought me a bungee jump experience- jumping 233m off the Macau tower. However I also do love receiving little gifts of dark chocolate.

T: How do you like to say thanks?
With a handwritten note and little gift.


Mellybee’s stunning mini storage pot is available now in our Minimalist box.

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