Lydia Meiying Designs

Lydia Meiying Designs

Tonight’s Supplier Stories is all about the wonderful Lydia Meiying, who designs the brilliantly bright and beautiful cards you can add to your Thanks I Love It gift to make it extra special and personalised, as well as the gorgeous Red Galah notepad in our Treat box!

Lydia is an illustrator and surface pattern designer based in Manchester, who designs patterns for fashion, interiors and stationery as well as forecasting the next fabulous trend. We caught up with her to find out a bit more about her business, Lydia Meiying Designs, and what inspires her colourful patterns.

Red Galah Notebook
Thanks I Love It: What inspired you to set up Lydia Meiying Designs?
Lydia: I studied Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern at Leeds College of Art. After graduating in 2008, I worked for a number of design studios but always carried on designing and making my own small items to sell via Etsy. After a while, although I enjoyed working on other people's commercial projects, I had a lot of my own ideas and projects I wanted to pursue and so I made the decision to focus on my own designs and have been building up my own portfolio and product range ever since.

T: What's your favourite design and why?
L: My Woodland design has always been one of my favourites. I designed it at University eight years ago, so it holds a lot of good memories of my time in Leeds. The design has been consistently popular ever since graduating and is still one of my best sellers.

Woodland Greetings Card

T: What would your dream be for your business?
L: My dream for the business is to keep expanding my product range and have my work recognised further afield. I hope to keep applying my patterns and designs to more personal and commercial projects and hope to continue working with exciting new businesses like Thanks I Love It!

T: What's the best gift you've ever received?
L: That's a tough question because every gift I've received is personal and special in its own way. Being a maker, I love anything homemade. One of my most memorable gifts was a recent surprise trip to Prague for my 30th birthday from my partner. It was January and the city with covered in a thick blanket of snow. We spent three days wrapped up warm, exploring the city and drinking hot honey mead. It was a great experience.

T: How do you like to say thanks?
L: With sincerity and a big hug.


First we too fell in love with Lydia Meiying’s beautiful Woodland illustration (the fact that it was designed in Leeds makes us extra fond of it!), and then we fell in love with the rest of her fantastic illustrations. Of course, since we couldn’t pick just one design, we have five cards available – you can check them out here!

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