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We're back with another of our favourite type of posts - Supplier Stories - this time, it's the turn of the multi-talented Lola Hoad of LH Design. We first saw Lola's beautiful hand-lettered stationery over on her gorgeous Instagram page (seriously, it's perfect) and knew they'd sit amazingly well in our Minimalist box. Then we found out that all of her production is done locally in East Sussex, all items are 100% recycled and she works hard to ensure all materials are UK-sourced, so naturally we HAD to have them!

LH Design

We caught up with hand-letterer, mentor, designer, speaker and founder of One Girl Band (she's one busy bee!) to find out a bit more...

Thanks I Love It: What is the inspiration behind the LH Design brand?
Lola: Everyday moments. I wanted to motivate and inspire people in a simple, minimal way.

T: What's your favourite product in your range and why?
L: At the moment, it's our new gold foil notebooks! I've wanted to do something with gold foil for so long, so I'm pleased I've had a chance to.

LH Design Luxury Gold Foil Notepad

T: What would your dream be for the LH Design brand?
L: I'd love to see us in a large retailer, and to go into more realms of stationery such as gift wrap, more notebooks etc. 

T: What's the best gift you've ever received?
L: My friends bought me some Aesop hand cream for my birthday a couple of years back and it just hit me right in the feels. They knew I'd wanted some for ages, and I really felt like they 'got' me!

Luxury Gold Foil Notebooks

T: How do you like to say thanks?
Handwritten notes are my favourite way of saying thanks, or taking someone out for dinner or coffee.


Thanks so much, Lola!

As we mentioned above, Lola also owns and runs One Girl Band - a collective for self employed women. Check out the website for more resources or take a sneak peek at the brand new One Girl Band workspace over on Instagram!

And as well as everything else, Lola recently appeared on Laura Thomas's fab podcast Don't Salt My Game - you can listen here for a brilliantly honest account of burnout, busyness and being a boss.

We told you she was a busy bee!

You can get your hands on your own luxury gold foil notepad in our Minimalist gift box here.

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