Ivy Lace London

Ivy Lace London

We first spotted Ivy Lace London's beautiful laser cut jewellery over on her gorgeous Instagram account, and were absolutely delighted when she agreed to work with us to create something special and unique for our Lush gift box. The result was our fabulous Martini Glass Bracelet! We're over the moon with it - it's stylish, delicate and a little bit of who we are here at Thanks I Love It...cocktail-lovers, of course!

Martini glass bracelet

We caught up with Ivy Lace owner Elham to ask her a few questions about the business, her stunning jewellery and to get to know her a little bit better!

Thanks I Love It: What inspired you to set up Ivy Lace London?
Elham: I have always loved jewellery and accessorises, having a huge collection of wooden hand painted jewellery from all over the world. I was inspired by the new technologies of the laser cutting process along with the traditional practices of my fine art background. I wanted to create pieces which combine my two favourite materials, wood and acrylic ink.

T: What's your favourite Ivy Lace product?
E: I love creating the mini abstract painting studs and experimenting with colour and the actual painting process. These are the most enjoyable to make as the paint can be so unpredictable and the final result is always different to how it started. I like the concept of wearable art and looking back at my Fine Art degree course, it's very similar to what I was making then as I was always experimenting with the qualities of paint and the raw materials.

T: Where do you see Ivy Lace in five years' time?
E: I set up Ivy Lace London just under a year ago, after the arrival of my first son, Ayden and I'm pleased with how far it's come. In the future, I would love to have more stockists and international stockists, still keeping my independent brand identity. I would love to introduce new products and keep up with the ever-evolving industry.

Martini glass bracelet on wrist
T: What's the best gift you've ever received?
E: The best gifts are always the ones which are thoughtful and personalised to me. I loved receiving a beautiful gift box from my husband filled with chocolate, paintbrushes, coffee and cosy slippers, all of my favourite things.

T: How do you like to say thanks?
E: I like to say thanks with a lovely card, and if I have time, one of my own handmade cards with a thoughtful message inside. These small gestures can make a big difference, and I always find time to say thank you.


We're overjoyed to be working with Ivy Lace, and hope to bring more of her adorable designs into our boxes in the future. You can find her brilliant martini glass charm bracelet in our Lush gift box here.

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