Doisy & Dam

We <3 Doisy & Dam. Not only for their fabulously rich chocolate bars and funky packaging (which is a delight to behold), but also because they have a truly fab back story. And their business is named after two Nobel Prize winners. Cool, huh?

Richard and Ed met when they were five years old, but it was only after following successful careers in the city that they decided what they really wanted to do was to run their own business. With some savings, some experimenting and a lot of trial and error, Doisy & Dam was created; indulgent, nutritious chocolate with no synthetic ingredients.

We love that they literally got on their bikes and cycled around London, working with feedback from independent shops and their customers to create their unique product.

You can find two (for now!) of Doisy & Dam’s superdelicious chocolate bars in our gift boxes – we love them, and you will too. Trust us, we’ve sampled a lot of chocolate in our time!

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