A Glam Autumnal Evening

We were delighted to receive this glowing review of The Glam box this week - so much so, we just HAD to share it!

A glam evening in front of the fire

Here's Jemma, in her own words:

'After a long couple of weeks of moving halfway down the country and starting a new job, the best part of it all was receiving my Thanks I Love It box through the post to brighten up my month! I’d opted for the “Glam Box“– purely because I wasn’t feeling particularly glam after living out of boxes for several weeks, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

'It arrived beautifully wrapped and was delivered in perfect condition. Unboxing it was such fun, diving through the box to find a gorgeous smelling candle in a cute tin definitely made my lounge smell amazing and has since been used in other rooms! Then there was the delicious date and sea salt chocolate bar which I have to admit between my husband and I did not last the night alongside a couple glasses of wine (oops).

'Relaxing in the evening whilst painting my nails a beautiful autumnal shade made me feel very girly, but also knowing that it didn’t’ contain any of the nasties you usually get with nail varnish did make me feel better, plus it was a welcome change from being tangled up in packing tape and bubble wrap as well as being a great excuse for not being able to unpack any more boxes.

'Lastly, I’m super excited to have a decent cosmetic bag to keep things more organised – finally an end to the times of trying to find my lipstick or lip balm at the bottom of my handbag – now I have something to keep everything together and coupled with very moreish lip balm; which I’ve become slightly addicted to and not just because it reminds me of lazy hazy summer days of G&Ts in the sun…I’ve always got winter ready lips!

'What more could you ask for in a gift really? Knowing that the items have been responsibly and thoughtfully sourced from amazing people in the UK made it even more special and being able to shut off from the craziness around you and totally indulge yourself was a real pleasure – my only trouble is now I’ll want to do it every week! Thank you so much ladies!'

With lots more gift boxes on the horizon, we hope we can keep Jemma (and many more of you) happy for a long time to come! 

Feeling glam? Want to surprise your glam bestie? You can get your own Glam gift box here!

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